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UAB “Brolių židiniai” started its activities in 2005. In cooperation with other sales organizations and in order to provide the widest range of services offered, we offer a wide range of fireplaces and stoves of different styles, sizes and shapes to meet customer needs

Everyone dreams about their cozy home. Cosiness usually depends on the man’s chosen style, his lifestyle, the spiritual world. What kind of interior they create, that mood and prevails in our lives. Nowadays it is possible to fulfill various fantasies, but beauty is simplicity, durability, practicality. Upon your request, we will arrive at your convenience. We professionally advise you in the salon and in your home, provide fireplace decoration and other product design services, select the most suitable product according to your needs and technical parameters. By using only high-quality materials, we can only assume responsibility for the work done and provide long-term guarantees when carrying out our work with the hands of highly qualified specialists.

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